Hold My Hand
From Take the Road Less Traveled
2006, Al Dunkleman, Heartfelt Americana Music (ASCAP)

You were there for me
When I skinned my knee-As a child
You took away my tears
Drove away my fears-With your smile

Now that I am older
I've had time to better understand
Just sit right here, and hold my hand

Came time for me to roam
I left my childhood home-It was in the spring
Never to return
A bridge I had to burn-To follow a dream (Chorus)

One day I took a wife
Changed my very life-For the good
Someone to call my friend
Till the very end-As it should (Chorus)

Now I've got a son
He's the only one-He brings me joy
We walk and skip and play
Day after day-He's my boy (Chorus)

Now the empty nest has come
For life has led my son-Far away
But the holidays are dear
When all of us are near-I wish he'd stay (Chorus)

When I'm old and gray
And only in the way-Who'll be there?
Will I be alone
Sitting by a phone-Who will care? (Chorus)