Cookies On the Counter
From Take the Road Less Traveled
2006, Al Dunkleman, Heartfelt Americana Music (ASCAP)

Pickin' up hay bails in the summer
Eatin' sweet corn in the fall
Sledding in the winter
Hats and mittens for us all
And we couldn't wait till springtime
For the snow to melt away
Back to the crick or tree house
Great places for to play

There were cookies on the counter
Clean clothes on the stairs
Softball after supper
And all the good times that we shared
When I think about my childhood
Nothing else compares
For there were cookies on the counter
And clean clothes on the stairs

It was Timber Lake on the weekends
A pop-up camper for us all
Hot dogs 'round the campfire
And hangin' out at the old rec hall
Then through the woods to Grammas
Each Sunday afternoon
Good food and conversation
And children all over the room (Chorus)

But lots of things have changed now
The old homes' gone away
For Dad is up in heaven
And Mom's a few miles away
But nothing will ever take the place
Of these precious memories
Take me back to Sommerville Valley
That's where I long to be (Chorus)