Take Me Back to My Home
From Take the Road Less Traveled
2006, Al Dunkleman, Heartfelt Americana Music (ASCAP)

It's good to be back home-it's been a long time
The smell in the air-brings mem'ries to my mind

And the geese they still fly Southward
When the snow starts fallin' on the ground
Take me back to my home

The tree house is gone-and so is the tree
Mom has moved into town-condo number three (Chorus)

The dairy farms, they're all gone-the barns lie in decay
And the lumber mill in town-has seen its better day (Chorus)

Drove to my old high school-still the same scene
Walkin' through the hall-seemed like seventeen (Chorus)

Lots of things have changed-and in many ways, they've stayed the same
Life continues on-like some endless game (Chorus)