Does Anybody Care?
From Take the Road Less Traveled
2006, Al Dunkleman, Heartfelt Americana Music (ASCAP)

The homeless from New Orleans
The jobless in Detroit
The single moms with children
Who lie sleepless in the night
We are a country with wounded
Yet, we seem to look away
We're too busy seeking pleasure
And can't give the time of day

Does anybody care?
About the tired, the sick, and the hungry
Does anybody care?
About the homeless and the lonely
We are a people that prosper
While so many see despair
It all seems so unequal
Does anybody care?

We rape our fields and forests
Our family farms are torn
We're running out of oil and water
Our earth is tired and worn
Livin' like there's no tomorrow
Gotta boost the GNP
But what good is all that profit
With no home for you and me

Schools dumb down academics
And hallow their football fields
They focus not on learning
It's all about the test score yields
We are majoring in minors
It's a national disgrace
While our ranking falls much lower
In the global marketplace

And it's all about affluenza
With our campers, cars and boats
While a young girl in Rwanda
Wonders why her stomach bloats
We are credit card consumers
We over eat, we over spend
While the third world poor they ponder
When their life will end (Chorus)