Take the Road Less Traveled
From Take the Road Less Traveled
2006, Al Dunkleman, Heartfelt Americana Music (ASCAP)

I've made my mind up, I am leaving
The bus pulls out at seven-ten
Got my suitcase and my ticket
I may not be comin' back again
My mother drove me to the station
She hugged my neck and said "Goodbye"
And as we pulled out of the village
Tears filled both of our eyes
I am headed for the Southland
The Blue Ridge Mountains I can see
I am scared, but determined
To make a life there for me

There's two roads that you can travel
Where one leads, it's hard to say
Take the road less traveled
It'll be the better way

Sometimes you've got to follow
Sometimes you've got to lead
And sometimes you've got to listen
To the voice that you must heed
Good things in life they don't come easy
No reward without pain
And like a ship tied in the harbor
Nothing ventured, nothing gained (Chorus)

It's been many years since that bus trip
As a lad of twenty-one
But I have broadened my horizons
An abundant life I have won
And if I had to live life over
Wouldn't change a thing, you see
Because I took the road less traveled
That's made all the diff'rence for me (Chorus)